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Rhein Riesling Korak Wine 0,75L


Rhein Riesling Korak

Rhein Riesling Korak Wine Ages for 12 months on the fine lees. Riesling from Plešivica generally produces elegant wines with crisp lime, green apple and peach flavors.

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Rhein Riesling Korak Wine 0,75L

Rhein Riesling Korak

Rhine Riesling is a variety that produces excellent results in our vineyard. The most widespread variety with the highest potential for Plešivica. Warm days and cold nights give Riesling the ideal ratio of sugar to acid in grapes. KORAK Riesling is excel lent for long-term aging in the bottle. Short maceration on the skin of a few days at low temperatures, while spontaneous fermentation takes place in old large wooden barrels on natural yeast.

Ages for 12 months on the fine lees. Riesling from Plešivica generally produces elegant wines with crisp lime, green apple and peach flavors. This attractive Rhine Riesling, which will last for many years, is elegant and pure, already with wonder full aromas that alternate mineral character, intense fresh citrus, wax notes and seductive acacia flower. Although it has depth, still exudes youthfulness and it would be good to keep in your cellar a few more years.


Nose: Elegant and clean, lots of floral and fresh citrus scents, mild botrytis note, wax notes, and seductive acacia flower.

Palate: Soft, rounded, with mineral character and quality accompanied acidity.


Product Specifications
Name: Rhein Riesling Korak Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
Korak winery is one of the best appraised and known Croatian wineries from the continental part of Croatia. They have been producing wines for few generations now, on the hills of Plešivica. Their vineyards are located on the S, SE and SW sides of the best locations on Plešivica, on 350-400 meters above the sea, each having it’s own microclimate. They grow riesling, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot gris, syrah, pinot noir and portugiser. Korak’s wines are not a product of modern technology, but a craft that combines nature, tradition and new knowledge. They strive to produce premium wines that satisfy most demanding clients.

Plešivica is a hilly region 30 km from Zagreb. The region is best known for high quality still and sparkling wines made of grape varieties suitable for cooler, wetter regions such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir. Along its wine road, inhabited with just over 300 people, there are 40 wineries.
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