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Saint Hills Nevina Wine 0,75L


Saint Hills Nevina Wine

Mala Nevina is a very popular wine from the Saints Hills winery. The wine is a blend of Malvasia and Chardonnay and comes from the vineyard of Sv. Ante, the Tolj family in Istria.







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Saint Hills Nevina Wine 0,75L

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Mala Nevina is a very popular wine from the Saints Hills winery. The wine is a blend of Malvasia and Chardonnay and comes from the vineyard of Sv. Ante, the Tolj family in Istria. The wine is made in Dalmatia in the Saints Hills winery, where it undergoes both fermentation and aging. In many ways, this wine is a fresh performance of Nevina, the successful first blend from the vineyard of Sv. Ante.

The blend is dominated by Istrian mlavazija with three quarters, chardonnay is here to round off and fill the wine. However, it is dominated by varietal aromas of Malvasia. The wine is floral on the first nose and then goes into the ripe fruit, and at the end the hue of the tropics is revealed. There is a very light, pleasant bitterness in the mouth.

Our consultant in vineyard and winery is Michel Rolland. Vineyard is planted upright cordon, density of 7000 plants per hectare. This allows us to get the most of the wind and sun in this region, and the highest quality of grape. Vineyard is cultivated with small tractors, and by hand. We do green harvest so that the crop never goes over 1kg per plant. Harvest is also done by hand. Grapes are being cooled down t 5°C in cooling rooms overnight before being sorted on sorting tables.


Production: This wine is fermented in egg shaped concrete vats, and in big wooden vats 32hl. It is aged for 6-9 months in concrete and wood vats, and 10% in French oak barriques. At the final blend we distinguish Nevina from Mala, by trying to grt the same balance.

Colour: Colour is very clear, straw yellow with golden nuances.

Nose: Nevina is intensive and complex on the nose. The wine is characterized by citrus aromas such as lemon and lime, peach and some tropic fruit suchas pineapple. It is very mineral and fresh, with secondary aromas of honey and nuts, herbs, mint and some white pepper.

Palate: This medium bodied wine is very creamy and of a very pleasant acidity. Palate is dominated by citrus aromas, green apple and peach.


Saint Hills Winery

The two millennia of the history of the vine are symbolic mainstays of the Mediterranean. Another, not symbolic, but vital, is family. Our children, Lucia, Roko and Ante, are named after St. Lucia, St. Roch and St. Anthony. Our vineyards are each named after them. Little Lorena still waits for her namesake vineyard, while our existing ones are under the watchful custody of our good family friends the Marićs and the Ivetacs.

The renowned localities of Dingač, Komarna and Radovani, in beautiful Dalmatia and Istria, unite us in a patchwork of love, work and respect. Join us, and perfection will be in sight. Searching for it will be a pleasure.

Michel Rolland, friend of our family and a leading oenologist, helps us to achieve our goal. Tradition and progress, passion and commitment, sometimes contradictory and sometimes impossible. With a glass of wine, let’s make it happen together.

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