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Saint Hills Dingač Wine 0,75L


Saint Hills Dingač

A well-balanced start reveals Plavac mali, which is warm, rich and medium thick in the mouth.







Saint Hills






Red Wine

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Saint Hills Dingač Wine 0,75L

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On the nose are pronounced notes of red ripe fruit, primarily strawberries and berries, which alternate with those of cream, cloves and hints of moist earth. Aromas of Mediterranean spices and hints of vegetal-vegetable elements complete this wine with a ruby, dark red color.

A well-balanced start reveals Plavac mali, which is warm, rich and medium thick in the mouth. A full-blooded Dingač of pleasant acids and a full body. Elements of chocolate and ripe fruit predominate, alternating with intense notes of coffee and nuts in the background.


Our consultant in vineyard and winery is Michel Rolland. Vineyard is planted en gobellet type, and density of 10000 plants per hectare. It is very steep and specific, and all work in vineyard is done by hand. Inspite of very sunny weather these vines manage to keep balanced acidity and develop layered aromas, specific only for this terroir of Dingač, special for its triple insolation: from sun, reflection from sea and reflection from quartz in the soil. After being hand-harvested, this grape goes through double sorting: cluster by cluster, and then berry by berry. We crop only up to 200g per plant in this vineyard.


Production: Dingač ferments in big wooden vats partially and in is partially barrel fermenter. It ages for 18-24 months in French oak barriques, and it is left to rest in the bottle for at least 6 months before release.

Nose: Nose is dominated by cherry aromas followed by those of blackberry and blueberry.

Palate: Well balanced start reveals a warm and full bodied wine of a pleasant acidity. Dingač is dominated by elements of chocolate and ripe fruit, and some nutty elements in the background. Rich in mediterranean spices such as oregano, basil and some mint. Full bodied, rounded, silky tannins, the palate is dominated by plums, dark chocolate, carob and cookie aromas, followed by smokey scents of tobacco.

Finish: Very long lasting spicy finish.

Saint Hills Winery

The two millennia of the history of the vine are symbolic mainstays of the Mediterranean. Another, not symbolic, but vital, is family. Our children, Lucia, Roko and Ante, are named after St. Lucia, St. Roch and St. Anthony. Our vineyards are each named after them. Little Lorena still waits for her namesake vineyard, while our existing ones are under the watchful custody of our good family friends the Marićs and the Ivetacs.

The renowned localities of Dingač, Komarna and Radovani, in beautiful Dalmatia and Istria, unite us in a patchwork of love, work and respect. Join us, and perfection will be in sight. Searching for it will be a pleasure.

Michel Rolland, friend of our family and a leading oenologist, helps us to achieve our goal. Tradition and progress, passion and commitment, sometimes contradictory and sometimes impossible. With a glass of wine, let’s make it happen together.

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