Get to know Witrina Store​

Everything starts with the good taste and the passion for the Croatian family generations.

Realizing all the effort of this families around islands and villages in Croatia, doing their best to extract and produce the goodness of what this land can offer, Witrina approach the decision of spreading all the result around the globe.

The unique handcrafted wines, liquours, cheeses, sausages, truffles and other domestic products and souvenirs are all here for you.

Our physical and beautiful shop already settled for more than 5 years in central Zagreb leaded by Ivo Pavlović who managed to put all the best quality products together in partnership with the original producers and brand owners making possible to offer good prices and the best experience for tasting made friendship with Bruno Mucheroni, a brazilian digital entrepreneur, and together the online store has born, now with all the possibilities for you to order and receive the best and awarded Croatian products right in your door.

Welcome to Witrina.


From the ground to your home!

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Company info:
OIB: 46653640992
MB: 04877888
Address: Vlaška 7 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +385 098 955 4918