Ivančić Griffin Brut Wine 0,75L

Ivančić Griffin Brut

is the first premium sparkling wine from the region Plešivica.


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About the product:

Ivančić Griffin Brut Wine 0,75L

Ivančić Griffin Brut

Ivančić Griffin Brut is the first premium sparkling wine from the region Plešivica. It is unique on the market for using cutting-edge technology of encapsulated yeast that allow the production of sparkling wines using the classic method of fermentation in the bottle with a distinct floral and fruity aromas. It is not possible to preserve these distinct aromas with a standard champagne production technology. It is 100% Rizvanac (Muller-Thurgau) variety, which is known by floral and fruity aromas. Griffin Brut is lively, with fresh flavors that make it great aperitif and ideal companion for the vast selection of appetizers. In the glass, it has beautiful bright yellow green color that evokes the freshness and fruitiness.

On the nose it has an attractive, elegant floral and aromatic scent, dominated with aromas of green apple, citrus and flowers. This is sparkling wine was declared as one of the best sparkling wines in Croatia at recent exhibitions.

The fact that Krešimir Ivančić is perfectionist and a man who lives for wine in combination with the latest technologies gives characteristic expression of terroir in wines. It provides character to the wine which is very recognizable and characteristic to the best wines and winemakers in the world.


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About the Producer
The IVANČIĆ GRIFFIN winery is a true rock star when it comes to Croatian sparkling wines. Their vineyards are located on the highest parts of Plešivica over 400m above sea level. Using cryogenic maceration, this winery manages to keep the fruit base of their wine intact. Talk about bubbling up our interest! The unique characteristic of these vineyards is that most of them are located on slopes with over 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, which is almost a fifth more than a average island in Croatia. The vineyards are cultivated manually because the locations are very steep, and in one vineyard you cannot even enter without special shoes.

The Ivančić Griffin Coral wines it’s a more audacious project turning this unique specialty a big Croatian step to the wine world, where the family age the wines 20 meters underwater for around 12 months with The perfect conditions for aging wines the temperature at this level is stable and between 8 – 16 Celsius degrees, with the maximum change of 1 Celsius degree per month. Wine benefits from the silence and no direct sunlight.
Product Specifications
Name: Ivančić Griffin Brut Wine 0,75L

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Ivančić Griffin Brut Wine 0,75L


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