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Vicelić Plavac Mali Wine 0,75L


Vicelić Plavac Mali

Vicelić Plavac Mali is a special wine with a strong and robust blue with a lot of tannins and high enough acids.

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Product Specifications

Vicelić Plavac Mali Wine 0,75L

Vicelić Plavac Mali

Vicelić Plavac Mali is a special wine from Vicelic winery. Fine tannin from the skin, not from the wood. The wood is neutral.  The interesting thing about Vicelić Plavac is that it is the basic wine of the winery, which is also called Plavac from the field, meaning that the grapes do not come from a well-known position, but which will reward all the patient.

Wine with aging potential usually comes on the market at a much higher price. It is commendable to see that such wines are offered today as more affordable, that regardless of purchasing power, the customer can follow the aging of a real Peljesac Plavac and taste how much quality they will get just by properly storing wine for a long time.

This is a strong and robust blue with a lot of tannins and high enough acids that you can give it two to three years of aging, let it soften and develop.



Product Specifications
Name: Vicelić Plavac Mali Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
Vicelić winery is located in the rural village of Pijavicino where we also have a barrique cellar. Both of these locations have a great family tradition of wine making as our great grandfather used to produce “Dingac” in the exact same locations back in 1935. We are proud to say that in 1935 we had a bottled product that was exported and drank in Prague. This wine production was the largest in the region of Peljesac at that time. The same production was shut down during the age of world was II and kept to the minimum (for personal consumption) as there was no opportunity to earn sufficient living from it.

Today we are determined to revitalize the production and have replanted the old wine growing plots in the “Dingac” area. At this time we have about 3.5 hectares of vineyards as well as another 60.000m2 of land in our ownership at the same location, where we work daily to improve more and more the quality of our premium bottles of Dingac wine.
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