Krauthaker Merlot

Krauthaker Merlot, after a modern style, multi-layered, dynamic, quite marked by spices when young with somewhat pronounced herbal overtones and wood in the early stages.


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Krauthaker Merlot


About the product:

Krauthaker Merlot

Krauthaker Merlot

Krauthaker Merlot, after a modern style, multi-layered, dynamic, quite marked by spices when young with somewhat pronounced herbal overtones and wood in the early stages. Its fruitiness is well expressed. It is warm, of solid spine and sufficient flesh, lasting in mouth, with good maturing prospects.

Attractive in appearance, entirely consistent with the grape variety, technology employed and maturity of the wine. Its colour is ruby, beautiful, vibrant, strong, dark, compact, (nearly) impervious. Open on the nose, well expressed intensity of aromas, lasting. Vibrant, full, deep, broad, warm.

Bouquet marked by sweet spices and chocolate, dried herbs, minerals, ripe and home-cooked dark-red and blue berries and drupes easily making its way to the nose, touch of leather, wood (bark), and also burnt. Salty on the palate, vibrant and with good acidity, bitterish and with a herbal overtone, mildly tart, dry considering unfermented sugar content, nonetheless possessing certain lushness, warming.

Of strong body and finely grained tissue. Fruity finish, slightly herbal, spicy, vibrant, bitterish, somewhat constricting and desiccating when young, thus requiring time.
Uncork the bottle at least an hour prior to tasting – consummation of the wine, serve from a large Bordeaux glass (a large capacity, tulip shaped glass) at 18 degrees Centigrade with grilled beef steaks, roasted duck or goose, roasted or slowly sautéed meats, game dishes, aged and well ripened harder, yet not too hard cheeses.

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About the Producer
Vlado Krauthaker, BE Agronomy and oenologist, owner of Krauthaker Vineyards and Winery, contributes to rich winegrowing and winemaking tradition of Kutjevo region. At the time of its founding, the winery owned 1 hectare of vineyards, however by 2020, the winery became owner of 45 hectares of vineyards. The winery operates additional 65 hectares of third party owned vineyards. A particular attention is paid to indigenous Welschriesling variety – Chardonnay, which is frequently awarded gold medals at fairs and wine exhibitions. We would like to emphasize environmentally friendly winegrowing and constant quality as a major principle of our production. Quality and success of our wines is best described by numerous medals received at globally renowned wine competitions and tastings.
Product Specifications
Name: Krauthaker Merlot
Croatian Producers:

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