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Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun Wine 0,75L


Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun

Reljić Merlot Kalandrun, winner of Decanter award it's an impressive high-class wine from the Drniš vineyards Dalmacija.

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Product Specifications

Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun Wine 0,75L

Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun

Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun it’s an impressive high-class wine from the Drniš vineyards. Pronounced varietal aromas, mature soft tannins and silky texture. Wine of pronounced depth. Wine for special occasions.

Serving temperature: 17-18 ° C

Gastro recommendation: with red meat, tuna steak and all roasted meats and pasta with sticky sauces.

Product Specifications
Name: Vizzulin Merlot Kalandrun Wine 0,75L
Type: ,
Croatian Producers:
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About the Producer
In 2010, 2.2 ha of vineyards were raised. After that, another 0.6 ha of Pošip was planted in 2015. The vineyards are located along the very edge of Petrova polje at the foot of Promina on the southern exposures.

The areas are planted with varieties Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon, Pošip and Maraština. Cabernet sauvignon occupies 25% of the total area of ​​vineyards, Merlot 40%, Pošip 25% and Maraština 10%.

This assortment of plantations represents a kind of vision of the future, ie the direction in which the winery wants to develop. Flags of the autochthonous assortment of the Republic of Croatia, ie Dalmatia Pošip and Maraština, were planted.

In the second part of the story, we have planted the world’s cosmopolitans Merlot and Cabernet sauvignon, which are some of the best black varieties in the world.
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