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Testament Babić Coral Vino Wine 0,75L


Testament Babić Coral Vino

Testament coral wine winner of Decanter award was aged in nature in a special wine cellar - the Adriatic Sea.

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Product Specifications

Testament Babić Coral Vino Wine 0,75L

Testament Babić Coral Vino

Testament Babić Coral Wine winner of Decanter award – Oenologist Juraj Sladić created this unique wine from Babić grapes and limestone karst  . Created on land, aged in the Adriatic Sea – at a depth of 20 meters , under a pressure of 3 atm and a temperature of 10 ° C.

Testament coral wine was aged in nature in a special wine cellar – the Adriatic Sea.

The award-winning Testament Babić 2017 was immersed in a depth of more than 20 meters below sea level.

The temperature of the “basement” is around 10 degrees Celsius, with a maximum change of 1 degree per month. Sea pressure up to three atmospheres, underwater current and the absence of direct sunlight gives a pleasant energy to the wine.

The impact of the sea is striking, providing faster and more unique wine development compared to traditional aging in wine cellars.

The rest of the sugar in the wine is 3g / r, and the acids are 6.5g / l.

The wine becomes softer and more elegant to enjoy, and the character of the fruit is enhanced.

Product Specifications
Name: Testament Babić Coral Vino Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
The Testament vineyards , which were planted about ten years ago, are located on a hill sloping towards the Adriatic Sea.Due to its location, the climate is exposed to light local winds that give the wine an Mediterranean aroma.

On the other hand, the vine grows in harsh conditions, in limestone karst with less than 20% of the soil. And such conditions are especially favorable for Babić, so the grapes are of the highest quality, and thus the wine.
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