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Plavac Mali Bire Wine 0,75L


Plavac Mali Bire

Plavac Mali Bire wine brings Smoky oak, cedar, vanilla and spice aromas.

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Product Specifications

Plavac Mali Bire Wine 0,75L

Plavac Mali Bire

Smoky oak, cedar, vanilla and spice aromas. Strong tannins, rather astringent, thin and ashy, with a bitter, medium finish. Plavac Mali Bire comes from a stony soil, the age of the vines up to 50g, and the yield of only 0.80kg per vine are the pledge of an excellent raw material that, after harvesting and fermentation, is aged for 15 months in barrel barrels. It is a dark, almost opaque color that turns purple towards the edges. In the nose is a pure Mediterranean with the characteristic signature of Plavac mali, a real special Dalmatian wine.

Bire is one of the winemakers who was among the first to change the volume of the new oak used for plavac, correctly noting that what gives Plavac Mali excess weight is not just its tannins, but the combination of tannins and the influence of the oak barrel. The resulting Plavac is usually ready to drink at least a year or two earlier, but it is also noticeably more elegant. Sweet spices and vanilla are no longer intrusive, so softer tertiary notes, cocoa, tobacco, talc, cedar, etc. can come to the fore.


Gastro recommendation: With venison, blue fish, broth and fish stew.
Temp. serving: 18 ° C
Product Specifications
Name: Plavac Mali Bire Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
With the production of top wines of the varieties Grk and Plavac Mali, Frano Milina Bire has completed the previous extremely attractive and rich tourist offer on its property based on domestic products. Grk is a Croatian autochthonous grape variety that thrives and achieves excellent results on the sandy and dry soil of Lumbarda on Korčula. Frano Milina Bire started the cultivation of the autochthonous white variety Grk and for the first time in 100 years revitalized the terraced traditional vineyards in the area. His vineyard is also the first ecological vineyard on the island.A small place originated in the rock and sea, located on the cape of the eastern part of the island of Korcula, has always attracted with its beauty. This is still evidenced today by the petrified pages of the past, scattered in the landscape as a lasting reminder of the long coexistence of man and nature. One of them takes us back to the ancient days of the 3rd century BC, when the Greeks from the ancient island of Issa, today’s Vis, built their city on these shores. This event was permanently recorded on the famous stone inscription “Lumbard Psephism” written on a stone stela about the establishment of a colony and the division of the land of Greek settlers and the domicile Illyrian population in the area of ​​today’s Lumbarda.
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