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Deklić Rose Wine 0,75L


Deklić Rose

Deklić Rose quality dry Rose wine with light red reflections.

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Product Specifications

Deklić Rose Wine 0,75L

Deklić Rose

Deklić Rose quality dry Rose wine with light red reflections. It is a wine of conspicuous freshness and aromatic complexity dominated by the fruitiness of raspberries and wild strawberries.

It is recommended to be used as an aperitif while it best complements seafood and pasta dishes.

Temp. serving: 8 – 10 ° C


Product Specifications
Name: Deklić Rose Wine 0,75L
Croatian Producers:
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About the Producer
Our wines come from the area of Vizinada, part of the Istrian peninsula, which has always been a wine-growing district, with an excellent climate, afertile red soil and a pleasant altitude which is of great importance for the wine. Our vineyards’ locations allow vines to absorb the sun heat throughout the day, which greatly affects the excellence of the product.

The combination of terroir and effort we invest brings you the wines characterized by their minerality, freshness, durability, retro flavour and fine aroma. You will enjoy them as much as our family members enjoy producing them for you.
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