Šember Brut Pjenušac Wine 0,75L


Šember Brut Pjenušac

Šember Brut Pjenušac, Golden-yellow color that is characteristic of wine made from slightly later harvested and more fully ripened grapes.

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Product Specifications

Šember Brut Pjenušac Wine 0,75L

Šember Brut Pjenušac

Šember Brut Pjenušac, Sparkling Wine have a Golden-yellow color that is characteristic of wine made from slightly later harvested and more fully ripened grapes.
In the beginning a very good bead with a lot of tiny bubbles. The bouquet is complex, and on the trail of the Tertiary, it is represented by a touch of resin, a crust of bread, suggests yeasts, then a ripe white home-grown stone fruit such as apple and peach is also discovered.

In the mouth full, rounded, with good acidity and a certain sweetness as a counterweight. And the taste indicates that it has been aged a bit longer. Very good bodies, relatively long finish, retronazally also a shade of resin occurs.

Product Specifications
Name: Šember Brut Pjenušac Wine 0,75L
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
Three generations of Šember family are now active daily on the family farm in Donji Pavlovcani. Along with Zdenko, the visionary and main creator of our wines, his wife Ivanka, as his right hand, participates in all segments of winery buisness, promotion and tasting. Their son Nikola is graduate agronomist, and daughter Lucija (Wine Queen of the Zagreb County 2016-2018) and Klara are always present to assist in welcoming guests. Zdenko’s parents, Ružica and Stjepan, do not ease up in work in the vineyard – they convey experience and wisdom to younger generations that they have acquired for years of work in the vineyard.

The place where we spend most of our time. The place where wine really lives and is born.We process 6 ha of vineyards of our own plantations spreading on the hilly terrains of Plešivićko-Okić kog vineyards. Pavel, Bresnica, Vučjak, Starjak, Mladina are the names of our vineyards facing south-southwest. They are dominated by alkaline, mulberry soil with a large amount of lime. Depending on the position, the age of vineyards varies from 10 to even 90 years. If we should define our approach to the vineyard, then we would say that it is integrated vineyard protection.
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