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Matuško Dingač Superior Wine 0,75L


Matuško Dingač Superior

The best offer of the Matuško winery from Pelješac, one of the most famous Dingač on the domestic market.

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Product Specifications

Matuško Dingač Superior Wine 0,75L

Matuško Dingač Superior

Matuško Dingač Superior, one of the most special if not the most special Croatian wine is the best offer of the Matuško winery from Pelješac, one of the most famous Dingač on the domestic market. The grapes are later harvested and further sieved before mulching for this label. Many tasters and wine lovers, especially foreigners who are familiar with Matuško’s wines, describe this wine as something between wine and port. Very thick, syrupy, noticeably sweet, extremely high extracts as expected for berries that have already started to dry out slightly and high in alcohol.

The combination of wine and tourism in Croatia and beyond the borders of our beautiful country is offered by many taverns and wine cellars.



Product Specifications
Name: Matuško Dingač Superior Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
“We have introduced many years of experience and tradition into a new era of winemaking and viticulture”

Although the viticultural tradition in the Matuško family is rich, our beginnings were modest. In 1997, we tried for the first time in the production of wine for the market in our small winery in Potomje. This required a serious approach to grape and wine production in order to meet traditional values and principles. Thanks to the family tradition, but also to the education of Mr. Matuško, this was the beginning of the dizzying rise of Matuško wine. Combining family culture with our personality, primarily charm and playfulness, we have given a personal, unique stamp to our wines, which throughout these years the market has recognized countless times, both awards and tourists from around the world who visit us today.
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