Trdenic Blackberry Wine


Trdenic Blackberry Wine, a fruity wine with a crystal clear transparent ruby ​​color.

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Trdenic Blackberry Wine

Trdenic Blackberry Wine, a fruity wine with a crystal clear transparent ruby ​​color. A soft fruity aroma in the foreground and vegetal notes in the second, a noticeable content of acids that make this wine refreshing and light bitterness that comes as a spice and gives another dimension to the wine’s taste structure. A nice blackberry flavor remains in the aftertaste.

Product Specifications
Name: Trdenic Blackberry Wine
Type: ,
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
Not far from Zagreb, under the slopes of Moslavina Mountain, surrounded by vineyards with a view that reaches Lonjsko polje, our family winery is hidden. The tradition of almost more than a century in viticulture and winemaking created the foundation on which we are still developing today. By investing in new production technologies, acquiring new knowledge, and at the same time combining them with the peculiarities of the Moslavina vineyard and love for wines, we ensured the quality for which we are recognizable today. Today, the winery has 16 hectares of vineyards, with over 85,000 vines and a cellar with a capacity of 100,000 liters.
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