Pjenušac Stina 750ml


Pjenušac Stina 750ml is made from hand-picked grapes in the evening and early morning hours.

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Product Specifications

Pjenušac Stina 750ml

Pjenušac Stina 750ml is made from hand-picked grapes in the evening and early morning hours. Selection of grapes in the cellar, cool before pressing. Pressing under internal gas conditions. Controlled fermentation in steel tanks. Effervescence achieved by the Charmat method.

Product Specifications
Name: Pjenušac Stina 750ml
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
When thoughts wander towards Brač, you feel stone under your fingers. Simple, cruel in its beauty. The eyes see its noble white color which, like a blank canvas, invites creation. Perhaps that is why Brač, as a source of inspiration, is home to numerous poets, writers, painters, sculptors… Determined dreamers who are interwoven with it like the land of Brac. And we are one of those dreamers. That’s why we decided to make it in the middle of the stone vineyards that will bear incredible fruit. In fields covered with rocks, on vertical cliffs above the sea, we make wine that can bear no other name than Stina. Defiant in the making, full of love in every taste.
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