Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew

Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew

Bura Brew Top-fermented beer in Golden Ale style brewed with barley malt.


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About the product:

Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew

Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew

Top-fermented beer in Golden Ale style brewed with barley malt, a small amount of wheat malt, yeast and a mix of Slovenian hops, one of which is the Styrian Golding. Rich golden colour and intentionally opaque, it presents itself with a fine and persistent foam. You can identify herbal and citrus features, mildly spiced and fruity flavours due to the esters intentionally evoked by our brewmaster. Refreshing, easily drinkable and well balanced thanks to its dryness and final bitterness (which prompts you to try some more). An OPTIMIST is a boat intended for use by children learning to sail: light and breezy wherever the wind takes you.

Unfiltered and bottle-conditioned it comes with a natural yeast sediment.


ALC 5,4 % / EBC = 12 / IBU = 25 / PLATO = 13

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About the Producer
Water, barley malt, a small percentage of wheat malt, hop and yeast are the only elements we use. We choose and select our raw materials with great care and attention because only when they are of the highest quality can you have a truly genuine and original product.
Each of our beer varieties is unique with its own taste and personality. Each is simple to drink, offering a pleasant, non-complex taste experience each time.

Our beer is unfiltered, unpasteurized and it is not additionally treated in any way. In order to obtain a balanced and natural carbonation it undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle (bottle-conditioned).
Product Specifications
Name: Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew

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Optimist Golding Ale Bura Brew


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