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Kampanjola Organic Dark Porter


Kampanjola Organic Dark Porter

Organic Dark Porter brown to black with a thick white foam.

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Product Specifications

Kampanjola Organic Dark Porter

Kampanjola Organic Dark Porter

Kampanjola skin. Black picks, through which you can hear all the flavors of roasted malt, tiles, dark chocolate and a little caramel. Jena character choices – density and drinkability.

Dark brown to black with a thick white foam. Made from five types of malt. You can feel all the richness of roasted malt, notes of coffee, cocoa and caramel. Hops easily come to the fore with the aromas of dried fruit. Full of flavor suitable for all seasons. It goes well with all meat dishes.

Kampanjola is an unfiltered beer produced from organic ingredients, in the traditional way, without preservatives.

Product Specifications
Name: Kampanjola Organic Dark Porter
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
The ingredients used in the production of Campanola, barley malt and hops are from organic farming, which confirms that they have not been treated with pesticides and herbicides, and that they have been produced in accordance with sustainable agricultural practice. Cereals are usually plants that are mostly treated with various pesticides because they are sown in a dense composition. The long-term plan is to self-produce the ingredients from which Campanola is cooked.Also, in production we use ecological cleaning agents, we regularly perform inspections and we follow all the instructions to which organic production is subject
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