From Sky to Still: The Award-Winning Legacy of Old Pilot’s Distillery

In the heart of Croatia, a captivating story unfolds—a story of camaraderie, passion, and an unyielding commitment to crafting exceptional spirits. What began as a shared dream between two young pilots has evolved into a micro-distillery, “Duh u boci,” that has garnered international recognition and acclaim for its remarkable creations. Embark on a journey through the skies and stills as we delve into the illustrious history of Old Pilot’s Distillery.

The Birth of Excellence: The Journey Begins

Bound by their mutual love for aviation and an unquenchable thirst for the finest spirits, two young pilots set out on a journey that would reshape their lives forever. This journey, which began as a friendship, eventually led to the establishment of Old Pilot’s Distillery. This micro-distillery became the canvas where their passion for flying seamlessly merged with their devotion to crafting exquisite spirits.

Old Pilot’s Gin: A London Dry Gin Like No Other

At the heart of Old Pilot’s Distillery resides their crown jewel: Old Pilot’s Gin. This London Dry Gin is a harmonious blend of thoughtfully selected Croatian botanicals—juniper, orange, lavender, sage, angelica, and olive leaves. The resulting symphony of flavors pays homage to the breathtaking Croatian landscape that has inspired it. Yet, it is not solely the quality of ingredients that sets this gin apart; it is the meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence that truly define its character.

An Odyssey of Awards: Recognizing Distinction

The accolades earned by Old Pilot’s Distillery stand as a testament to their unrelenting pursuit of crafting spirits of unparalleled quality. Year after year, their creations have been celebrated on the global stage:

-World Gin Awards – GOLD Medal – Country Winner – Best Croatian London Dry Gin
-World Gin Awards Design – GOLD Medal

-San Francisco World Spirit Competition – London Dry Gin – GOLD Medal

– International Wine & Spirits Competition – Best London Dry Gin – TROPHY 20190
-San Francisco World Spirit Competition – London Dry Gin – GOLD Medal
-San Francisco World Spirit Competition – Packaging Design Awards – BRONZE Medal
– Gin Ur Way – Score of 95/100
– American Distilling Institute – London Dry Gin – Silver Medal
– American Distilling Institute – Certified Craft Distilled Spirit

– Croatian Gin Convention – Champion – Best Croatian Craft Gin 2018
– Croatian Gin Convention – Craft Gin – Gold Medal

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Barrel Aged Brilliance: Elevating Tradition

Old Pilot’s Distillery embraces innovation while honouring tradition, as exemplified by their remarkable Barrel Aged Gin. This offering, too, has garnered recognition, further cementing the distillery’s reputation for excellence.

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Vodka: A New Frontier of Success

Old Pilot’s Distillery’s commitment to crafting exceptional spirits extends beyond gin. Their Vodka collection has gained widespread acclaim, earning them prestigious accolades:

– World Vodka Awards 2023 – GOLD Medal – Country Winner – Best Croatian Varietal Vodka
– World Vodka Awards 2023 Design – GOLD Medal – WORLD’S BEST DESIGN VODKA

– World Vodka Awards 2022 – GOLD Medal – Country Winner – Best Croatian Pure Neutral Vodka
– IWSC 2022 – 90 Points – Silver Medal
– San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2022 – GOLD Medal

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A Legacy of Distinction

The saga of Old Pilot’s Distillery is a narrative of passion, dedication, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. From the skies to the stills, their journey is marked by friendships forged, dreams realized, and spirits celebrated. The awards they’ve garnered are not just accolades; they’re symbols of the commitment to craft that defines Old Pilot’s Distillery. With every sip, you’re not merely tasting a spirit—you’re experiencing the culmination of years of resolute devotion to perfection.


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