The Rise of Organic Croatian Wines: A 2024 Guide

Croatia’s winemaking scene is witnessing a transformative shift towards organic practices, a movement driven by both heritage and innovation. As vineyard owners across the country embrace more sustainable methods to produce organic Croatian Wines, the spotlight turns to those producers who are leading the charge in crafting exquisite wines that not only taste good but do good for the planet. Here’s a look at some of the trailblazers in the Croatian organic wine scene for 2024, each offering a unique testament to the quality and character that organic farming can achieve.

Benvenuti, Istria: A Legacy of Land Stewardship

In the rolling hills of Istria, the Benvenuti family has long been synonymous with winemaking that respects the earth. Their commitment to organic practices is evident in the vibrant ecosystem surrounding their vineyards, where each grape is a reflection of the soil’s natural balance. The result? Wines like their Malvasia Istriana, which bursts with freshness and complexity, a true expression of Istria’s terroir.

Krajančić, Korčula: An Island’s Organic Emblem

On the island of Korčula, Krajančić Winery is a beacon of organic viticulture. Focusing on indigenous varieties, such as the revered Pošip, this winery embodies the harmony between nature and nurture. Their wines are a celebration of Korčula’s unique climate and the winemaker’s gentle hand, offering a sip of the island’s unspoiled beauty in every glass.

Saint Hills, Dalmatia: Pioneering Sustainability

Dalmatia’s rugged landscape is home to Saint Hills, a winery that pairs advanced technology with a deep respect for organic principles. Their vineyards, a patchwork of native flora and fauna, are a testament to the benefits of biodiversity. Wines like Dingač and Nevina showcase the depth and intensity that can be achieved when the land is cared for thoughtfully.

Testament, Dalmatia: Bold Flavors, Pure Methods

Testament Winery stands out in the Dalmatian region for its uncompromising commitment to organic viticulture. By allowing the vines to thrive in their natural state, Testament produces wines that are robust and full of character. Their Babic, in particular, is a standout, offering a taste of the ancient soil from which it comes, free from the interference of synthetic chemicals.

Tomac, Zagorje: Ancient Techniques for Modern Wines

In the heart of Zagorje, Tomac Winery takes an innovative approach to organic winemaking by combining ancestral methods with modern sustainability. Their use of amphorae for fermentation and ageing, coupled with strict organic farming practices, results in sparkling and still wines that are both pure and profound.

Vicelić, Pelješac Peninsula: Crafting Elegance, Naturally

The Vicelić vineyard, nestled on the steep slopes of the Pelješac Peninsula, is a jewel of organic winemaking. Specialising in Plavac Mali, the winery’s meticulous attention to organic principles is evident in every bottle. The wines are powerful yet elegant, mirroring the untamed beauty of the landscape that surrounds them.

The movement towards organic winemaking in Croatia is more than a trend; it’s a return to roots, a celebration of the land, and a commitment to the future. As these wineries and others like them continue to push the boundaries of what it means to produce wine responsibly, they invite us to taste the difference that dedication and care can make. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile or a casual enthusiast, exploring Croatia’s organic wines is to embark on a journey of discovery, one that promises not only exceptional flavours but a deeper connection to the earth beneath the vines.


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