Radovan Cabernet Sauvignon


Radovan Cabernet Sauvignon is deep ruby red in colour, a little darker on the edge, clear and dense.

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Radovan Cabernet Sauvignon

Radovan Cabernet Sauvignon is deep ruby red in colour, a little darker on the edge, clear and dense. It has a refined and pleasant aroma, presenting an intense bouquet opening with vanilla, followed by pepper, cinnamon and black currant finishing with the aroma of blackberry. Dry, warm and soft, with well-maintained freshness and velvety tannins this wine is flavoursome and full-bodied. Harmonious, with a long finish, it pairs well with a rack of lamb.

Product Specifications
Name: Radovan Cabernet Sauvignon
Type: ,
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
Radovan Winery started in 1994 on a 1.5 hectare vineyard. There were old Malvasia vines grown in family vineyards surrounding our village of Radovani. We began by renewing and planting new Malvasia vines and soon other varieties were introduced . In 1996, we planted our first cabernet sauvignon grape vines (vineyards). Our old worn-out wooden barrels were replaced by new ones made of stainless steel. Before our first 1998 Malvasia vintage was bottled, we used to only sell wine in bulk. Despite having to improvise and control the must fermentation with a beer cooler that year, the Malvasia we produced won the gold medal at the Vinistra Exhibition. This is how Franko Radovan from the village of Radovani summarizes his gradual but very successful journey in winemaking in the area surrounding Višnjan. . Although it may not be described as dramatic or spectacular, today there are many wine enthusiasts who come to the family cellar door and tasting room in Radovani to enjoy the original Bacchus beverage bearing the Radovan signature. Radovani is a village featuring large old family dwellings with characteristic tall stone walls and mighty wrought iron gates, which used to serve as a protection from cattle-rustlers. Situated on the Istrian red soil, it gently faces the sea and the southwest slope, while being surrounded by well-kept vineyards, ploughed land, oak groves…wild herbs grow in its neighbouring meadows, as well as the Istrian delicacy-asparagus which hides in its prickly shrubs.
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