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Olive Oil Cerneka Blended


Olive Oil Cerneka Blended

An ideal combination of varieties of “Istarska Bjelica”, “Leccino”, “Istarska Črnica”, “Frantoio”, “Buža” and “Pendolino”.

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Product Specifications

Olive Oil Cerneka Blended

Olive Oil Cerneka Blended

An ideal combination of varieties of “Istarska Bjelica”, “Leccino”, “Istarska Črnica”, “Frantoio”, “Buža” and “Pendolino”. Oil with an moderate bitterness and spiciness, magnificent green color. It is well suited in combination with veal and lamb pike, asparagus with fresh ham and eggs, grilled fish and vegetables, cuttlefish risotto, octopus salad, grilled salmon, smoked salmon with rucola and minestrone with corn.

Product Specifications
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Name: Olive Oil Cerneka Blended
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About the Producer
The Černeka family has long had the tradition of cultivating olives, inherited from their ancestors, in the Sovinjak area near Buzet.The olive oil coming from these parts was mentioned in as early as the Middle Ages. The Roman Empress Livija Drusilla nourished her body with the olive oil coming from this area and managed to keep a fresh and youthful look well into old age.On the northernmost continental point of the Northern Istria peninsula olive groves thrive on terraced calcareous and limestone soil 210-290 meters above sea level.
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