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Nai 3.3 Olive Oil Coratina Luxury 0,1L


Nai 3.3 Olive Oil Coratina Luxury 0,1L

Nai 3.3 is an extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, extremely rich in polyphenols, and the most awarded Oil in the world.










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Nai 3.3 Olive Oil Coratina Luxury 0,1L

Product description:

Nai 3.3 is an extra virgin olive oil of premium quality, extremely rich in polyphenols – herbal compounds with powerful antioxidant properties that protect the heart, blood vessels and immune system, and have a positive effect on the prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases and cancers as well as anti-ageing properties.

The proven high level of polyphenols puts Nai 3.3 ahead of the game of any other Croatian oils, and at the very top of the list of world-renowned oils with noticeable health benefits.

Coratina – our most awarded oil in world competitions. It is characterised by a strong fruity aroma, slightly sweet and piquant flavour and a high level of polyphenol. This is why it received a recommendation by health experts at the competition in London, and according to the EU project Aristoil, it contains the highest level of polyphenol of all oils in Croatia (2019).


World Award

The premium quality of NAI 3.3 oil is monitored and tested every year in the most reputable Croatian laboratories, as well as the renowned Swiss institute SQTS.

Nai 3.3. Oil repeatedly proves its quality with numerous world-renowned awards, and by winning multiple gold medals at the prestigious international olive oil competitions such as Monocultivari Olive Oil Expo, Athena International Olive Oil Competition, London IOOC Health Claim Awards, Aristoil and Olive Japan.


The Secret.

The best oil is always the one made by the hands of an olive-tree farmer, but nature as well. The perfect climate and soil of Dugi otok have been crucial factors in the growing of olives of unique taste for hundreds of years. But there is another secret. Snow.

Snow is a rare occurrence on Dugi otok, which has an average of 3.3 snow days per year according to centuries-old records, and olive-tree farmers expect a better harvest in the year when it is snowing.



New York Gold Award 2020

London Gold Award 2019

Japan Gold Award 2018

from ancient Rome to Nai 3.3 oil

The story of Nai 3.3 oil begins on Dugi otok – a Croatian island covered in olive trees and protected from the rest of the world. Even the old Romans knew about this quiet, but precious Liburnian area. Their accounts mention the olive oil of exceptional quality (Oleum Liburnicum). In the oldest Roman cookbook called “De re coquinaria (“The Art of Cooking”), Marcus Gavius Apicius, a Roman writer, gourmet and lover of luxury, who lived during the reign of the Emperor Tiberius (who reigned from 14 A.D. to 37 A.D.) reveals how to change the taste of other oils, i.e. how to make the usual olive oil aroma more “Liburnian”. In the underwater archaeological explorations of the sunken Bronze-Age settlement of Ričul, south of Zadar, together with the famous, 15,000-year-old Palaeolithic Venus and other valuable findings, many olive seeds were found as well – dating back to the 15th century B.C. This is the biography of the proud tradition of this remarkable area which has defiantly resisted the gusts of the Bora wind and challenges of time for centuries. Since 1607 we have been surrounded by numerous stories, customs and experiences of previous generations of the small Žman village, and today we produce, in a modern way, the extra virgin olive oil NAI 3.3.

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