Benvenuti Caldierosso


Benvenuti Caldierosso is our basic red wine from Teran grapes blended with Nebbiolo, Merlot and Tempranillo.

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Benvenuti Caldierosso

Benvenuti Caldierosso is our basic red wine from Teran grapes blended with Nebbiolo, Merlot and Tempranillo. It was named after Kaldir (Caldier), the village near the vineyards where the grapes for this wine are grown. Teran gives authenticity and juiciness, Nebbiolo provides the tannic backbone and red fruit aromas, Merlot adds fruitiness and body, and Tempranillo brings the structure and a Mediterranean note. All together form a complex wine with a finesse that exudes freshness and Istrian joie de vivre.

Product Specifications
Name: Benvenuti Caldierosso
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About the Producer
Wine is thoroughly hard-wired in the genetic code of our family. The vineyards around our home in Kaldir have been here since time immemorial and we tend to them with as much passion as our ancestors. A wine jug dating to the Antiquity that was found in our vineyard and is kept in a museum in Trieste bears witness to this thousand-year continuity and serves as a daily reminder of our mission – to keep the viticulture and the winemaking tradition alive and prosperous. Albert and Nikola and their father Livio Benvenuti have the role of the protectors of our region and our family’s tradition. The winery is part of our family home in Kaldir. There we monitor and devotedly tend to all our wines. We are focused on the traditional ways of aging our wine in older and aromatically neutral oak barrels as well as on the vinification method which best preserves the authenticity and the characteristics of our terroir in our wines.
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