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Saint Hills Frenchie Wine 0,75L


Saint Hills Frenchie

Saint Hills Frenchie is the best example with a successful Bordeaux blend.

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Saint Hills Frenchie Wine 0,75L

Product Specifications

Saint Hills Frenchie Wine

In almost the entire wine world today, both in the old and in the new, you can find a black Bordeaux blend. This is neither accidental nor imposed. The varieties in the black Bordeaux blend go very well together, and the vines themselves thrive well in most wine regions of the world. It is very interesting, therefore, to see how the white Bordeaux blend copes in the new conditions. Frenchie is just that. The name itself refers in part to “typical” French wine, and in part to the fact that the Frenchman, Michel Roland, worked as a wine consultant at Saints Hills winery.

Saint Hills Frenchie Wine has a fuller, waxy structure in her mouth. A good ratio of sauvignon and semillion is reflected in the aromas of stone fruit, viscosity, buttery notes, peach pears, pineapple and on the other hand quartz minerality, grass, lemon peel and freshness.

Production: Frenchie ferments and ages in big concrete tanks, for 6-9 months, and is released yearly.

Nose: Nose is very fresh with citrus and tropic fruit aromas, and some grassy elements.

Palate: Palate is dominated by aromas of fresh tropical fruit, citrusy and some elderberry flower aromas. Hints of honey and vanilla also be found, as well as grassy and herbs aromas.

Finish: Finish is long and balanced.


Product Specifications
Name: Saint Hills Frenchie Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
The two millennia of the history of the vine are symbolic mainstays of the Mediterranean.Another, not symbolic, but vital, is family. Our children, Lucia, Roko and Ante, are namedafter St. Lucia, St. Roch and St. Anthony. Our vineyards are each named after them. LittleLorena still waits for her namesake vineyard, while our existing ones are under the watchfulcustody of our good family friends the Marićs and the Ivetacs.

The renowned localities of Dingač, Komarna and Radovani, in beautiful Dalmatia andIstria, unite us in a patchwork of love, work and respect. Join us, and perfection will bein sight. Searching for it will be a pleasure.

Michel Rolland, friend of our family and a leading oenologist, helps us to achieve ourgoal. Tradition and progress, passion and commitment, sometimes contradictory andsometimes impossible. With a glass of wine, let’s make it happen together.
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Based on 30 reviews
Very nice suveniershop with delicious goods and super friendly owner. Local products highest quality. Defenitely worth to visit and buy something nice to bring home. Truffelchoco is superb and orangello too. Lots of fine Croatian products.
Pentti Savolainen
Pentti Savolainen
August 4, 2022.
Best quality of authentic Croatian products, staff very kind.
February 11, 2022.
Početak je adventskih događanja u Zagrebu koja su oduvijek bila među najboljima u Europi, no sada je sve dosta skromno i pomalo otužno. Mladi vlasnik Witrine Ivo, nas je dočekao otvorena srca i vrata svojeg prekrasnog dućana. Degustirali smo i uživali u hrvatskim vinima, pršutu i siru. Svaka pohvala!
Dario Miljković
Dario Miljković
December 9, 2021.
Super cool place stocked with Ethno Croatian wine and meats and deli which is incredible, homemade and top quality. Ivo is a young manager/owner and he is well versed and knowledable in all the products and he provides ideal guidance for anyone to make the right selection. Basically it's a relaxed shopping with insightful guidance that makes this a treat. Thanks so much for a wonderful and different shopping experience! Will gladly visit again when in Croatia.
Like Clubs
Like Clubs
December 8, 2021.
Parere molto positivo .. personale molto simpatico !
Glenda Giacoia
Glenda Giacoia
September 26, 2021.
Loved it. Wonderfull offer of wines and other premium Croatian products and souvenirs. Excellent service.
Gordana Špišić
Gordana Špišić
July 15, 2021.

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