Vina Grgić Pošip


Vina Grgić Pošip wine is produced from the white grape with the same name Pošip, which grows in the area of ​​Čara on the island of Korčula.

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Vina Grgić Pošip

Vina Grgić Pošip wine is produced from the white grape with the same name Pošip, which grows in the area of ​​Čara on the island of Korčula. In the summer period, the mild mistral cools the vineyards on Korčula and contributes to a moderate air temperature that provides ideal conditions for the white grape variety. Fermentation of Pošip takes place slowly at a controlled low temperature of around 12 °C. Under these conditions, Pošip wine retains the taste of varietal and fruit aromas. After fermentation, the wines are aged for four to six months in special French oak barrels. Due to the low air supply, the wine breathes and continues to develop. At the same time, through oak barrels, the wine is enriched with pleasant extracts of vanilla aroma. After bottling in 0.75l bottles, the wine matures for about six months in our cold cellar. During this time, the variety of flavors of Pošip wine unites with the aromas of oak barrels and creates a unique noise, which is typical for wines produced according to the method of Miljenko Grgić. After the production process, it contains 13-14.5% alcohol and a pleasant 6 g of acid per liter .

Product Specifications
Name: Vina Grgić Pošip
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About the Producer
The Grgić Vina family winery was founded in 1996 by the legendary Napa Valley winemaker Miljenko “Mike” Grgić, his daughter Violet Grgić and nephew Iva Jeramaz . Their goal is the production of top quality traditional wines of Croatian grape varieties, mostly Pošip -white wine- and Plavac mali -red wine. The Grgić winery is located in Trstenik on the Pelješac peninsula, north of the historic walls of the city of Dubrovnik, in the southern wine-growing region of Croatia, with a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea. Miljenkova Grgić’s rich past related to wine production, experience gained over many years of work, and the awards and recognitions it has received so far guarantee that this winery produces world-renowned wines of the highest quality. All the wines of the Grgić winery in Trstenik have a top quality level and Pošip as well as Plavac Mali have already been awarded several times and recognized as the best Croatian wines on the market.
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