Sirana I Pak SIR IZ MIŠINE is a croatian autochthonous product, Cheese from Misina made from goat's and cow's milk.

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Sirana I Pak SIR IZ MIŠINE is a croatian autochthonous product, Cheese from Misina made from goat’s and cow’s milk. The animals from our own farm are responsible for the quality of the milk and, ultimately, the cheese. We take care that they stay in the fresh air every day and that they feed freely on pastures rich in diverse herbs. Milk from the farm is processed into cheese every day. Our priority is nurturing the old tradition of producing this not-so-ordinary cheese, but new times require new solutions. Therefore, we introduced some technology but kept the recipe the same as before

Product Specifications
Name: Sirana I Pak SIR IZ MIŠINE
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If you are not yet familiar with our work – we are an I-Pak cheese factory! We have nurtured the tradition of cheese production for over twenty years using a unique recipe that is credited with a number of quality awards. All the cheeses and dairy products you find on this website we got thanks to our hardworking cows. Just for you, they search for the best of nature around our farm and give first-class milk with a specific aroma. But that’s not all, in order for you to really taste the quality of the Dalmatian Zagora, we made sure to bring a real Dalmatian feast to your table. With meat delicacies, top wines, honey and our cheeses – we guarantee that you will not remain indifferent or hungry!
Sirana I Pak
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