BioSing Sausage 120g


BioSing sausage 120g is made from pork and bacon.

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Product Specifications

BioSing Sausage 120g

BioSing sausage 120g is made from pork and bacon. The intention is to bring out the pristine, authentic and delicate aroma of seasoned meat, in which you can feel the natural composition of the meat and rediscover the ancient flavours not covered by additives.

Product Specifications
Name: BioSing Sausage 120g
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Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
The BioSing products come from a centuries-old tradition of Ribnica, where men used to travel to far places to sell their wooden wares. As they wanted to be sure to have good food anywhere, they were taking with them the best they had: home sausages, made using the ancient natural methods of careful curing and drying. Although the tradition of peddling woodware cannot be accurately dated, Emperor Frederick III granted the Pedlar’s License to the people of Ribnica on 23 october 1492, but cured meat most probably became a special craft much earlier.
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