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Mix Products

Wine Subscription
  • Featured: Awarded Wines, Olive oils, Truffle Products, Spirits, Cheeses, Salami and various gourmet items.

  • 1x Gourmet box each month
  • Mix products Included
  • Member only discounts
  • Access to Croatia experiences discounts
  • 4 Extra wines + Deli Gifts during the year


Wine Subscription
  • Featured: Primary Wines Selection including Awarded

  • 1x Classic selection box each month
  • 3x Wines Included
  • 5% Fix discount in the store
  • Access to Croatia experiences discounts
  • 3 Extra wines during the year


Wine Subscription
  • Featured: Premium Wines Selection, Awarded and Luxury Reserve

  • 1x Premium selection box each month
  • 3x Wines included
  • 6% Fix discount in the store
  • Access to Croatia experiences discounts
  • 4 Extra wines during the year


Wine Subscription
  • Featured: Elite Wines Selection, Awarded, Luxury Reserve, Coral Wines, Rare Bottles.
  • 1x Elite selection box each month
  • 3x Wines included
  • 8% Discount in any order
  • Access to Croatia experiences discounts
  • Free shipping in any order
  • 6 Extra wines during the year

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What is the main difference between the Gourmet Plan and the other plans?

The main difference between the Gourmet Plan and the other plans (Primary, Premium, and Elite) offered by Witrina Membership is the inclusion of deli items in the Gourmet Plan, while the other plans focus exclusively on wines. Here is a detailed explanation:

Gourmet Plan:

  • Product Variety: The Gourmet Plan is designed for those who enjoy a diverse range of gourmet products in addition to wine. Each month, subscribers receive a surprise box that includes a mix of deli items such as cheeses, salamis, olive oils, truffles, and other gourmet products, along with wine.
  • Example Box Contents: One month might include a bottle of wine, olive oil, and cheese, while another month might feature cheese, salami, liquor, and olive oil. The contents vary monthly but always include a selection of premium deli items.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Subscribers receive loyalty rewards such as extra wines and olive oil over time (e.g., 1 extra wine at 3 months, 1 extra wine + olive oil at 6 months, and 2 extra wines + olive oil at 12 months).
  • Member Benefits: Includes a 6% fixed discount in the store, access to member-only discounts, and discounts on wineries and experiences with partners across Croatia.

You can subscribe through our website by clicking in Subscribe Now selecting a plan and completing the checkout process using our Stripe payment method. You can also input your preferences during checkout or update them later in your My Account page.

  • Gourmet Plan: Wines and Deli, gourmet experience (€39.90 EU and €29.90 Croatia)
  • Primary Plan: 3 wine bottles in a primary classic selection (€99 EU and €89 Croatia)
  • Premium Plan: 3 bottles of premium wine selection (€99 EU and €89 Croatia)
  • Elite Plan: 3 bottles of elite wine selection featuring rare bottles, coral wines, and more (€195 EU and €185 Croatia) Shipping is included in all plans.
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Members receive extra gifts based on their loyalty. For example, if a member stays for three months, they might receive extra bottles or other special items. Each plan has different loyalty rewards.

You can customize your preferences during the subscription checkout process or update them anytime on your My Account page. Preferences include birth date (for special gifts), wine preferences (white, red, sparkling, rosé), and favorite products (wines, olive oil, cheese, truffle, liquors, gin, salami).

While we strive to offer a diverse selection each month, you can communicate your preferences through our customer support if there are specific products you would like to receive or avoid in future boxes.

We accept payments through Stripe, which can process various credit and debit cards.

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your My Account page. Simply follow the instructions to request cancellation.

Yes, shipping is included in the cost of all subscription plans. There are no extra charges for shipping.

No, there are no hidden fees. The subscription cost includes all shipping and handling charges.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan at any time from your My Account page. The changes will take effect in the next billing cycle.

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