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Olive Oil Kota Blend


Olive Oil Kota Blend

Kota Blend is a special Multi-variety oil obtained by mixing three autochthonous Croatian varieties.

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Product Specifications

Olive Oil Kota Blend

Olive Oil Kota Blend

That’s the Olive Oil Blend you have been looking for. Kota Blend is a Multi-variety oil obtained by mixing three autochthonous Croatian varieties: lastovka, bjelica and oblica in proportions that guarantee a perfect combination of fruitiness, spiciness, sweetness and aromas that adorn Croatian olive oils.

Kota is a top quality food product that meets the highest classification standards of extra virgin olive oils obtained from olives of certified organic production.

Product Specifications
Name: Olive Oil Kota Blend
Croatian Producers:
Volume: ,

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About the Producer
The olive grove is located in the Dalmatian town of Nadin, known as the most ecological place in the Republic of Croatia, planted on land that had never been used for agricultural purposes. Such land has never been treated with chemicals or fertilized with mineral fertilizers and was therefore ideal for planning organic production.Top quality planting material was chosen in a way that dominantly represents indigenous Croatian varieties, especially the shape and swallow, which gives Kota olive oil the authenticity and originality of the taste of Dalmatian olive oil, such as in Istria varieties of white and buža.
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