Olive Oil Belić Selekcija

Olive Oil Belić Selekcija

An ideal selection of sorts: Leccino, Vodnjanska crnica, Frantoio, Istarska bjelica, Buža and Pendolino.


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About the product:

Olive Oil Belić Selekcija

Olive Oil Belić Selekcija

An ideal selection of sorts: Leccino, Vodnjanska crnica, Frantoio, Istarska bjelica, Buža and Pendolino. This unique fruit nectar presents itself in a magnificent green color with a scent and taste of green olive fruit, vanilla and chicory, and of aromatic herbs, and is moderately bitter and piquant. Because of its perfect blend of excellent sorts it must surely be classified in the highest category of olive oils.

The richness of wonderful scents and flavours inspires the creation of a new and imaginative meals. It splendidly combines with veal and lamb roasted in a traditional “ispod peke” way, as well as asparagus, with eggs and prosciutto, grilled fish and vegetables, cuttlefish risotto, octopus salad, grilled salmon with arugula, and corn minestrone.

Region of Olive Cultivars and Production: Fažana, Galižana i Peroj, Istria, Croatia
Olive Variety: Mixed sorts
Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means
Shelf-life: Minimum 24 months from production
Keep away from any heat or direct sunlight

Asparagus with eggs and prosciutto
Rissoto of cod fish and salmon
Veal and lamb in an “ispod peke” way
Various seasonal salads
Grilled salmon and tuna
Fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries
Vanilla ice-cream and mousse

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About the Producer
In the picturesque Istrian olive groves of the regions of Fažana, Galižana and Peroj, the Belić family initiates the same magic life cycle every year – the cycle from the olive fruit to the olive oil, taking its course with full respect for centuries-old traditions while utilizing the latest ecological agricultural techniques and technologies. Carefully selected olive varietals, hand picking of the fruits at the medium stage of ripening, cold-worked pressing within 24 hours, keeping and storing of the oil in air-proof inox barrels, as well as bottling by the strictest technical standards – all synergistically combine to meet the requirements for creating the supreme quality of a signature product “Oleum viride Belić”.Rich choice of single-sort extra virgin olive oils, as well as the ideal mixed sorts “Selekcija Belić” olive oil, present themselves in a magnificent green color with a wonderful taste and scent of olive fruit. These unique fruit nectars are precious and favorite nutriment of gourmets and culinary experts, constantly inspiring them to create novel and imaginative meals. Strong and powerful sort characteristics make the “Oleum viride Belić” oils a remarkably important element of our diet with a nutritive and health value, creating an overall beneficial effect on the human body. At the same time they offer a supreme pleasure to your palate.
Product Specifications
Name: Olive Oil Belić Selekcija
Volume: ,

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Olive Oil Belić Selekcija


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