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Hot Sauce Strela Forto


Hot Sauce Strela Forto

Strela Forto Hot Sauce is slightly the strongest Sauce for a good combination with meat.

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Product Specifications

Hot Sauce Strela Forto

Hot Sauce Strela Forto

Our slightly stronger sauce which is more  spicy  and that gives it a phenomenal combination with  meat . Great for tar tar, pizza and steak.
Bigger bottles for the biggest Hot sauce lovers!


Homemade hot sauce
20 ml
Hot peppers, Wine vinegar, Garlic, Spices

Product Specifications
Name: Hot Sauce Strela Forto
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
The first Istrian hot sauce.True Istrian hot sauce, all natural from start to start! If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

Forto is a name that was created to produce a product that will be a true ‘Istrian’ hot sauce that will be naturally produced from the beginning to the end without any preservatives added.
Naturally produced.

We turned the family backyard into a plantation of 27 different types of hot peppers. The concept of the Forto brand is based on organic farming without pesticides and land with bio certification and bio fertilizer. We use only our own raw materials in production, which gives us higher quality. In addition, our sauces have a special maturation of one year in special conditions.
Product recognized for its quality and for the whole story, with Labin’s dialect ‘cakavica’.
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