Give your loved ones the best flavors of Croatia with the Croatian Gift Card.

The best Gift for a Croatia Lover.

Witrina Gift Card – The perfect Croatian Gift


Dive into the flavors of Croatia without leaving home! Our gift card's the key: perfect for anyone who loves a good wine or fancy olive oil. Send it now, or save the surprise for later!

About the product:

Witrina Gift Card – The perfect Croatian Gift

A Taste of Croatia in a Card.

Witrina Gift Card.

Finding that perfect gift can be challenging, but not when you’re gifting an experience, a memory, and a taste all wrapped into one. Dive deep into the heart of Croatian luxury with our gift card.

How it Works?

Gift the essence of Croatia in three easy steps!

  1. Purchase: Buy your desired gift card value.
  2. Email Delivery: Receive your unique gift card straight to your inbox.
  3. Share the Love: Forward it to a friend digitally, or print and present it personally for that added touch.


Experience the joy of gifting, simplified!


For the Wine Enthusiast: Introduce them to award-winning Croatian wines, a sip of which tells stories of sun-kissed vineyards and time-honored traditions.

Olive Oils and Beyond: Transport them to olive groves with our premium olive oils, rich in tradition and taste.

Flexibility at its Best: Whether you’re planning in advance or caught in a last-minute rush, our gift card is just a click away. Choose to send it instantly via email or save it for that special occasion.

Gift a piece of Croatia today; it’s more than a card, it’s an experience.

Explore producer:
About the Producer
At Witrina, we’ve always believed in pushing boundaries. Recognizing the digital gap in accessing Croatia’s finest wines and gourmet deli products, we pioneered a digital marketplace for these treasures. Our latest initiative, the Witrina Gift Card, embodies this vision. It’s more than a card – it’s an invitation to a curated experience of Croatian flavors, blending tradition with the convenience of today’s digital age. As leaders in this niche, we’re thrilled to offer you a taste of our commitment to excellence, one click at a time.
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Name: Witrina Gift Card – The perfect Croatian Gift
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