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Fjori Fora Oregano Spice


Fjori Fora Oregano Spice

Oregano Spice Fjori Fora – Oregano is a plant that grows wild in Dalmatia.

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Product Specifications

Fjori Fora Oregano Spice

Fjori Fora Oregano Spice

Oregano Spice Fjori Fora – Oregano is a plant that grows wild in Dalmatia. The leaves, which are used as a spice, have a very pleasant and aromatic scent, and their taste is strong, peppery and a bit bitter. Oregano is also widely used in other Mediterranean cuisines: Italian, Greek and Turkish. It is a common spice for pizzas and all kinds of tomato dishes, but it also goes well with fish, poultry, beef, lamb and vegetables that have a distinct aroma, such as broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant and corn. When seasoning a dish, it is good to know that one teaspoon of dried leaves corresponds to a large spoonful of fresh oregano leaves.


Bio products of hvar isl and and mediterranean.

On the sun-soaked hills and fields of Hvar island, drawing the juices of precious land pressed between sea and stone, Mediterranean herbs grow and ripen… this natural treasure, enriched by the care of hardworking islanders, brings authentic flavors and aromas carefully preserved in top quality organic products that are the essence of life on the Mediterranean island.


Product Specifications
Name: Fjori Fora Oregano Spice
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About the Producer
For generations, hardworkingislanders have created a uniquenatural landscape of the island ofHvar; a lace woven from stone andvaluable bits of fertile red soil.Such is the story of the family Ćurinfrom the village of Gdinj in theeastern part of the Hvar island.They have been growing lavendersince 1955. Today, their family farmproduces a range of top-qualitynatural products from wild andcultivated plants: organic spices andspice mixtures, bio olive oil, a line ofessential oils and natural cosmetics.
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