Curzola 1298 Aged Gin

Curzola 1298 Aged Gin

Despite purely German production, the manufacturers use botanicals from Dalmatia, such as the Croatian juniper.


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Curzola 1298 Aged Gin


About the product:

Curzola 1298 Aged Gin

Curzola 1298 Aged Gin

If a spirit is limited to only 500 bottles a year, then in most cases it is a very special spirit. This also applies to the Gin Curzola 1298 Barrel Aged. The tasty drink is based on the gin Curzola 1298 and has similar properties. It is worth noting that, despite purely German production, the manufacturers use botanicals from Dalmatia, such as the Croatian juniper. Herbs such as rose petals, lavender blossom, orange, lemon balm, mint, coriander seeds and pepper add to the spicy aroma.

Anyone who loves the Gin Curzola 1298 will love the barrel-aged special edition. Unlike its predecessor, it comes in a transparent bottle that perfectly highlights the amber-colored texture of the gin. This promising characteristic is due to the twelve months of aging in oak barrels in which port wine was previously stored.

This manufacturing process is also noticeable in terms of taste. The special storage after distillation gives the Gin Curzola 1298 Barrel Aged a smoky note that is somewhat reminiscent of whiskey. This aroma, which is rarely encountered in a gin, is already evident in the nose. Of course, juniper and citrus fruits are still the dominant nuances, but a spicy smell underlines the scent of the gin.

On the palate, the Gin Curzola 1298 Barrel Aged proves to be surprisingly mild. Sometimes it is described as creamy and sweet. Only after a few moments does the spicy, slightly spicy note appear.

Thanks to the intense aroma, this special edition is ideal as a pure drink or as a refreshment in a long drink glass filled with ice.


Angelica root, cumeo pepper, coriander seeds, lavender blossom, lemon balm, mint, orange, grains of paradise, rose leaf, rosemary, vanilla pod, juniper, lemon

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About the Producer
The tasting also turns out to be different than expected. At the beginning a light, almost creamy sweetness emerges. Only after a while does the cumo pepper open up a little firework of flavors on the palate. The gin stays spicy and warm on the tongue for a long time. The soft note is probably created by distilling over a wood fire with little pressure. The manufacturer recommends pure enjoyment.
Product Specifications
Name: Curzola 1298 Aged Gin
Type: ,
Croatian Producers:

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