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Cidrani Apple Cider Original


Cidrani Apple Cider Original

Apple Cider Cidrani Original is Rich in enzymes, good bacteria and nutrients that will bring our digestive system into a state of balance and provide benefits for the whole organism.

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Product Specifications

Cidrani Apple Cider Original

Cidrani Apple Cider Original

Cidrani Original is a living organic apple cider vinegar that contains a wild mother culture. Inspired by tradition and new research on our digestive system, we have taken the most powerful from nature and created this premium product for those who know they deserve only the best, while not being willing to compromise. The specific process of wild fermentation has resulted in a unique drink of health and longevity because it is rich in enzymes, good bacteria and nutrients that will bring our digestive system into a state of balance and provide benefits for the whole organism.

Cidrani Original is much more than vinegar – it is a premium fermented tonic from organic cider apples that is your strongest ally in the fight against the passage of time and on the path to a healthier and happier life.

Namely, research shows that as much as 80% of our immunity lives in our digestion, and 90% of serotonin, the hormone responsible for our good mood, is also produced there. In addition, this unique deep golden-red vinegar contains as much as 8000 mg / l of polyphenols – an antioxidant that is responsible for preserving our youth. A glass of Cidrani Original as a daily ritual bet is your own health and the decision to take responsibility for your own life that can really be long and quality. But it all starts – in the stomach.


Ingredients: 100% apple cider vinegar * (* from organic production). It contains up to 5% acetic acid.


Product Specifications
Name: Cidrani Apple Cider Original
Croatian Producers:

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About the Producer
Recent research has confirmed that powerful and strong immunity is born right in the abdomen and that almost all chronic diseases start in the gut. With as much as 8000 mg / l of polyphenols, this premium drink is an important ally in preserving youth. In addition to its high functionality, Cidrani Honey will conquer your palate with its unique sweet aroma. Because we believe that what is healthy can also be delicious.

> It can improve the health of digestion because it is rich in polyphenols, enzymes, nutrients.> It is traditionally used for good and quality sleep.> It has long been used to alkalize the body and as an aid in weight loss.
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