Aura Teranino 12x Pack

Aura Teranino

Pack of 12 bottles. Highly award Croatian Brandy Aura Teranino consists of a spectrum of different flavors, and a special note is given by the combination of red wine Teran and fine fruit brandy and 10 types of spices.


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About the product:

Aura Teranino 12x Pack

This is a special pack with 12 bottles of Aura Teranino with 17% discount.

Aura Teranino has been awarded by some of the most respectable wine quality competition in the world being considered better than gold by all judges during the prestigious Global Luxury Masters.
You can enjoy Aura’s Teranino in a variety of bottle sizes, including 700ml, 500ml, 200ml, 100ml and our premium 5L barrel.

Explore producer:
About the Producer
The main goal of the family Aura is that our products have the same quality like the ones of our grandmothers, who had made products at home without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Our production includes interesting delicacies like jams made of dandelion, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, fig, plum, cornel and brandies which are aging for three years, half a year in maceration, then settling and being distilled for the next two and a half year up to six times in order to naturally get rid of the sediment. The basis of all brandies is homemade pomace, pear or apple brandy.

Beside the traditional Biska, Medenica and Teranino, we produce brandies made of sage, cornel, carob, olives and almond, wild pear, wild apple, rose petals, rose hip, forest fruit, peppermint, plum, dried fig, Wild plants, Honey and Mistletoe brandy, bitter liqueur based on wormwood, brandy Bianca and Moscato.
Product Specifications
Name: Aura Teranino 12x Pack

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Aura Teranino 12x Pack


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