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Ante Sladić Lasina Opol Wine 0,75L


Ante Sladić Lasina Opol

it's one of very few wineries that makes a single varietal rose of Lasina. Lasina is a very thin skinned grape.

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Ante Sladić Lasina Opol Wine 0,75L

Ante Sladić Lasina Opol Wine

Ante Sladić it’s one of very few wineries that makes a single varietal rose of Lasina. Lasina is a very thin skinned grape and suitable for a longer maceration of about 24 hours which allows for the full expression of its character.

Fresh, elegant and lively, Ante Sladić Lasina Opol Wine bursts with aromas of flowers and red fruits with underlying minerality.

Lasina is also known by the name of “Black rose“, indicating its gentle and elegant character.


The synonym for Lasina is a black rose, that in it self-speaks of its delicate aromas and style. Opol is made from grapes grown in a unique vineyard, in a fertile limestone area. Light, fresh, tasty, sweet and flamboyant. The fruity, floral scent of very delicate character permeated with minerality it captivates with its seductiveness.

Product Specifications
Name: Ante Sladić Lasina Opol Wine 0,75L
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About the Producer
In the small village of Plastovo, just 5 km north of Skradin, on the borders of the Krka River National Park, the Sladić family has been growing wine for generations. This cherished tradition has been passed down from generation to generation.Their heritage is four local varieties – Debit, Maraština, Plavina and Lasina. At 250 m above sea level, the grapes ripen in abundance in the sun, and on fresh nights that are the product of a specific microclimate caused by the proximity of the river Krka, mountains and the sea. The wines thus retain their precious acidity and aroma.
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