Exploring Croatia’s Vibrant Culture and Award-Winning Achievements in 2024 to Celebrate Europe Day

Croatia’s recognition as the most desirable European destination through the Wanderlust Awards isn’t just a stroke of luck. This beautiful nation has earned its title through years of dedicated efforts to enhance its tourism appeal. Nestled along the stunning Adriatic Sea, Croatia seamlessly blends natural beauty, rich history, and an exceptional culinary heritage. It holds its own against other European gems like Greece, Spain, France, and Italy.

The Tourism Triumph: A Rising Star

Croatia’s dedication to sustainable tourism and the preservation of its natural and historical treasures plays a key role in its rise to the top. With iconic spots like Dubrovnik’s old town (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the picturesque Plitvice Lakes National Park, and the serene Dalmatian Coast, the country leaves no visitor unimpressed.

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One of the best ways to celebrate Europe Day is to enjoy Croatia’s delicious culinary offerings. It’s hard to resist the allure of Croatia’s world-class olive oil and wine. The Istrian Peninsula, often compared to Italy’s Tuscany, is famous for producing some of the finest extra virgin olive oils in the world. The rich, fertile soil in regions like Istria and Dalmatia produces exceptional varieties like Buža, Leccino, and Istarska Bjelica.

When it comes to wine, Croatia boasts a long tradition dating back to ancient times. Sample the robust Plavac Mali red, the refreshing Pošip white, or the sweet Prošek dessert wine. These traditional flavours, influenced by centuries of Mediterranean heritage, capture Croatia’s unique spirit.

Coastal Flavours: Seafood and Delicacies

The coastal regions of Croatia offer a bounty of fresh seafood delicacies. From succulent grilled octopus to savoury brudet (fish stew), savour the authentic tastes of the Adriatic. Don’t miss the traditional peka, a slow-cooked dish of meat or seafood under an iron dome, served with herbs and olive oil.

Historic and Artistic Heritage

Croatia’s culture goes far beyond its cuisine. Dubrovnik’s walled city takes you back to the days of the Republic of Ragusa, while the Roman ruins in Pula and Split give you a glimpse into ancient civilizations. Additionally, Zagreb’s museums, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, provide unique and memorable cultural experiences.

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Croatia is a festival hotspot, drawing crowds for its traditional and contemporary events. The Split Summer Festival, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and INmusic Festival in Zagreb celebrate everything from classical music to modern electronic beats. Additionally, the Klapa singing tradition, recognized by UNESCO, keeps centuries-old harmonies alive.

Celebrate Europe Day the Croatian Way

On Europe Day, there’s no better way to honour Croatia’s remarkable achievements than by exploring its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and culinary delights. As the most desirable European destination, Croatia’s recent accolades through the Wanderlust Awards reflect its extraordinary appeal. Savour its world-class olive oil, wine, and coastal flavours while immersing yourself in its festivals and historic sites.

Curious to know more about this fascinating Mediterranean gem? Pack your bags and set your sights on Croatia, a country that embodies the best of European culture.


  • What is Europe Day, and why should I celebrate it in Croatia?

Europe Day celebrates peace and unity across the continent. Croatia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture, is perfect for honouring this spirit.

  • What makes Croatia a unique travel destination?

Croatia offers stunning natural beauty, historical landmarks, world-class olive oil, and distinctive wines. Its coastal cities, like Dubrovnik and Split, boast historical significance and charm.

  • Which Croatian wine should I try?

Try the Plavac Mali red wine for a robust flavour or the Pošip white for a refreshing twist. Sweet wine enthusiasts should sample the Prošek dessert wine.

  • What traditional Croatian dishes shouldn’t I miss?

Don’t miss peka (meat or seafood cooked under an iron dome), brudet (fish stew), or grilled seafood along the coast.

  • Are there any festivals or events in Croatia during Europe Day?

Although Europe Day itself isn’t a traditional festival, many events and festivities occur throughout May. Check out local cultural celebrations, music festivals, and city tours.


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